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big event.

We are extremely delighted
for your contribution to its 1st climate conference. We don’t think
without you, we would have been able to achieve such a high level of
positive feedback from the audience.
We are strongly engaged in building back a better society therefore

Cnetzero hosts this great event with the panelists, children who engaged
harmoniously with their powerful statements, The moderator,
technicians, artists, and our sponsors. We are extremely delighted
for your contribution to its 1st climate conference

Amazing performance of children
we are cnetzero! Great presentation of madam Angela! register here early to gain your ticket

climate justice and DRC, « solution-country » against climate change.

Given these natural potentialities, strategic resources and its biodiversity, the DRC currently has a position as a solution country for climate change on a planetary scale. However, this position could remain only a slogan if there is not a clear and concrete strategy to really prove to the world. However, this position could call for several national and international investments. Of course, it is a matter for all Congolese, including young people from all over the country. The latter should be involved in decision-making and the implementation of policies on climate change.

young congolese have a critical role to play into this position  » DRC country-solution » zero UK sensitize on:  Action on Climate Empowerment *ACE* Environmental Education is the cornerstone of every climate actions as stated in the article 6 of the UN and climate change framework and also on the article 12 of the Paris agreement. Therefore  in term of education C.netzero was delighted to have the Rector of the university of Edinburgh  for their campaign in encouraging  Urban women to grow vegetables in their garden as a mechanism of climatemitigation.. 

This campaign helped  urbanites to: 

 1) feed their family with healthy vegetables, 

2) contribute to decarbonisation of their living area as every plans need to absorb CO2 in order to growth.. 

3) this will consequently lead to an economic growth as they will save money by consuming their own harvest . 

4)many women don’t have time to go to the gym plowing and tending to their vegetable garden is also a way to exercise and fight obesity. physical activity benefits physical and mental well-being. This makes it possible to contribute to achieving SDG3. » GOOD  HEALTH & WELL-BEING

5) people with religious beliefs, have easily adhered to this program because they perceived it as a recommendation from their creator God who states in the Bible  in Genesis 2:15 

 » _Then the LORD God took the man and placed him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate and keep it. »

C.netzero  managed you engage a large number of churches with with activity and is delighted to contribute to the transformational phase requested by ACE  regarding creative environmental education.

6) to Conclude  by creating this campaign and encouraging its implementation by urban women  C.Net zero has been able to tackle multiple SDGs such as: 

SDG  3, « Good health & well- 

being »

SDG  4,of course »Education » SDG  5,  » Gender »  

SDG 12″Responsible consumption & production »  

SDG 13″ Climate Action »

 being with Mrs Rector  »  

C. Net zero  respond to the

SDG 17″  Partenership for the Goal » …

Therefore  this activity helps to kill many birds with only one stone…

Pre-sessions SB 56 in Bonn – from June 06 to June 16, 2022 – photos of the opening plenary of the Bonn Conference on Climate Change – Coordination meeting with the coordinators of the thematic groups and members of the LDC group

Heavy lobbying of general information by the DRC to the various stakeholders on the sidelines of the preparatory work for COP27 in Egypt.
cnetzero was there.