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Heavy lobbying of general information by the DRC to the various stakeholders on the sidelines of the preparatory work for COP27 in Egypt. CNETZERO was present in this bonn conference

Cnetzero accompanies preCop 27 in DRC

Cnetzero supports the government in the organization of preCOP 27 in the DRC. The DRC is a solution country in the face of climate change on a planetary scale. We pronounce a good achievement and a total success, we will still support the government in the implementation during and after preCOP 27 so that together […]

Education environmental with Debora Kayembe

Many women don’t have time to go to the gym plowing and tending to their vegetable garden is also a way to exercise and fight obesity. physical activity benefits physical and mental well-being. This makes it possible to contribute to achieving SDG3. » GOOD  HEALTH & WELL-BEING